How many weddings do you take per year?

Good question!  I take somewhere between 10-15 weddings per year.  The amount depends on the time of year, etc.  Once upon a time, I shot three weddings in one weekend while 26 weeks pregnant with my son.  While the images from those weddings were some of my absolute favorite, I have to say my body nor my family appreciated me shooting that many hours in one weekend.  So while 10-15 may not sound like many compared to other photographers, it’s my “happy place” to keep my clients happy, my family happy, and me happy 🙂

I have the images from my session/wedding, now what do I do?

Within 3-4 weeks of your session, or approximately 10-12 weeks from your wedding, you will receive the link to your online gallery.  The hi-res images may be downloaded from the gallery, and printed anywhere you like, as many times as you like.  I recommend f32photo.com or mpix.com for your prints.

Is each image retouched?

Sabrina selects a number of images to retouch (remove blemishes, etc).  Otherwise, if there is an image that you would like to purchase and would like to have additional retouching, please let me know and I will be happy to retouch the image for you!  Each image is slightly enhanced using professional editing software, but not each one will be fully retouched.

What is your “style”?

I love trends as much as the next person, but I believe that your photos should be timeless and not dated by current photography trends.  Whether I am photographing a family portrait session, or a wedding, I like to infuse my images with Light, Love, and Life.  Those three things are my biggest inspiration for being a photographer, and when I get to capture the love and life of my clients (and have beautiful lighting), then I am a happy photographer and my clients get some amazing images!

What camera gear do you use?

I use a mixture of digital and film cameras.  For my film work, I use a Pentax 645n and a Canon Eos3.  For my digital work, I prefer my Canon 5dmiii with either my 50 1.2 or 85 1.2 lens attached to it.

Have other questions?  Please feel free to contact Sabrina using the Contact form at the top of this page!