My boy

This could easily turn into a very long post if I allowed myself to pour my heart out about how much I love my baby boy.  See, I was nervous, well actually terrified!, to have a little boy.  Growing up with two sisters and no brothers, and having my sweet baby girl Leslie, I knew nothing about baby boys.  But, isn’t it amazing how God works?  My little Sam was born on Valentines Day, and it is 100% appropriate because this little boy is such a sweetheart and has completely stolen my heart.  I can’t imagine life without him now, and find it so silly I was so nervous about having a boy!  Leslie is head over heels in love with her baby brother, and that just makes this mama’s heart grow even more for my two wonderful children.  I haven’t been posting much because life with a newborn is well, exhausting, to say the least.  Last year my pregnancy kept me very exhausted and super busy, and now I have a sweet baby boy who commands my time (as well as his wonderful big sister!).  Enjoy this photo of my gorgeous, happy, blue-eyed baby boy.Maryville Family Photographer